Club Badge Mike Caird Cup 2004 - Open 4-wood singles (sets)

Two sets of 10 ends (all shots scored) followed, if necessary, by a deciding set of three ends, the winner being the player winning two of the three ends.

Red denotes defending champion

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Final Winner
by 14/7 by 31/7 by 31/8    
G Watton   D James 2 D James 1 M Caird 1 R Payne
D James  
Q Smith 2 Q Smith 1
K Matthews 0
E Davies 2 E Davies 1 M Caird 2
T Matthews 0
M Caird   M Caird 2
P Scott  
R Payne   R Payne 2 R Payne 2 R Payne 2
S Richards  
G Chambers   G Chambers 0
Fk Hill  
    B Jones W G Brittland 0
    G Brittland O

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