Mike Caird Cup 2019 - Open 4-wood singles (sets)

Two sets of 10 ends (all shots scored) followed, if necessary, by a deciding set of three ends, the winner being the player winning two of the three ends.

Red denotes defending champion

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Final Winner
by 6 July by 3 August by 24 August    
  Mike Hubbard  Rod Payne  Rod Payne  Quentin Smith 
  Rod Payne 
  Liz Caird  Liz Caird 
  Bill Greenway 
  Rob Attwood  Ruth Lowe  Quentin Smith 
  Ruth Lowe 
Mike Caird  Mike Caird  Quentin Smith 
Frank Hill 
Quentin Smith  Quentin Smith 
Sheila Payne 

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