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    A late withdrawal meant only five teams were able to compete for the NSC Cup 2-wood drawn pairs competition. After heavy rain the day before the bowlers were greeted with blue skies and hot sunshine.

    The five pairs, drawn at random, played each other over five rounds of 8-ends. The league lead changed hands several times and it became clear that in the final round one match would decide the winners.

    At this stage Ruth Lowe and Paul Mitchell had an unbeaten record, while their opponents, Colin Meadows and Mike Bradburn, had lost one of their three games. Only a win would do for Colin and Mike, and as that would only bring the teams equal on points they also had to win by two or more shots to ensure they would triumph on shot difference. After four ends the score was tied at 3-3, but on the fifth end Colin and Mike scored a crucial three, to which they added a single on the sixth end to lead by four with only two ends remaining. With their opponents straining to make a big score good defensive play saw them home 9-3.

    It should be added that a third team, Peter Hancock and Rob Attwood, also finished on the same number of points, but as they sat out the last round with a bye they knew their shot difference was always going to be beaten by the winners of the last game. Competition history

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