Finals Weekend 2021

flooded bolwing green

The green on the evening before finals!

The weekend of 11 & 12 September saw all eight LHBC knock-out competitions decided. Fine weather and a dry, if a little heavy, green greeted the players, which was a surprise given the torrential rain the previous evening which had completely flooded the green. It was a busy time for new members Chris Sherriff and Peter Hancock, both having reached four finals.


The first match was between Rob Attwood and new member Peter Hancock, both playing their first club final (though Peter had three more to play this weekend!) Peter started well and his accurate drawing made it very difficult for Rob, Peter eventually winning 22-6. Draw details

Mike Caird Cup

This final saw Chris Sherriff playing the first of his four finals and up against the 2019 champion Quentin Smith. Both players started well - three touchers on the first end - and after seven of the nine ends in the first set Quentin held a single shot lead. He then scored a two to take a three-shot lead into the final end of the set. Chris was searching for at least three shots to tie the end but ended up conceding a three to give Quentin the first set 11-5.

The second set was similarly tight with the players level after seven ends. Once again Quentin picked up a two and as a tied set would not have been enough Chris needed three shots. Quentin should have drawn closer than he did and Chris held two as he bowled his last bowl. The final bowl looked like it might be just short, which would have given Quentin the match, but an umpire's measure confirmed it had just made the distance to give Chris the second set 8-7 to take the match into the tie-break.

The players shared the first two ends, meaning a final end shoot-out. Each had a fairly close early bowl, on which neither were able to improve. Once again the umpire was called in and Chris was declared the winner (5-11, 8-7, 2-1) on a tight measure. Draw details

Tarmac Cup

This was the first of three meetings between newcomers Peter Hancock and Chris Sherriff. Both started well and whilst Chris started to cut into Peter's 6-shot handicap advantage Peter held firm. After ten ends Peter led 11-7 - so had only "used up" two shots from his handicap and the Competition Secretary was hoping for a very close final score. Chris had other ideas however, and closed out the game 21-11 with 14 un-answered shots in just seven ends. Draw details

flooded bolwing green

Cyril Davies Cup

This match between Rod Payne and Colin Meadows proved to be the longest of the finals at 26 ends. Colin started well, was 6-0 up after just three ends and was soon 10-5 up. Rod then rallied and briefly led 12-10 before Colin evened the score at 12-12. Shots were exchanged in a close contest and the scores were tied at 17-17 and again two ends later at 19-19. Finally Rod was able to find two singles to win 21-19. Draw details

Pairs Shield

Chris and Peter's second meeting - Chris partnered by wife Deb and Peter by Bill Greenway - saw both teams start well. Leads Deb & Peter had a rare old tussle and the skips did their best to change or protect the heads. After 9 ends Peter & Bill were up 8-6 and were holding a couple of shots. Chris was forced to fire and scored an excellent strike, taking out the shot bowl and putting the jack in the ditch for four shots. Peter & Bill rallied immediately and scored six unanswered shots to lead 14-10. With his last bowl in hand Bill was faced with two down, but drew beautifully to take the shot and move five-up with just three ends remaining. However Deb & Chris scored a single and then two doubles to bring the scores level at 15-15 and were able to find the single shot needed to triumph on the extra end. Draw details

Nuway Cup

The third meeting bewteen Peter & Chris must have been daunting for Peter, facing a rampant Chris without the the benefit of a handicapped start. Chris was almost unstoppable, moving to 10-0 after seven ends. Peter did rally with six unanswered shots in three ends but could only add a couple more as Chris marched onward to victory 21-8. This completed a remarkable first season for Chris (who is a very experienced bowler who has moved into our area) - playing a total of 19 singles and pairs games and only losing one. Draw details

Frank Richards Cup

This match promised a tough contest between two multiple previous champions - 2019 Champion Ruth Lowe and 2020 Champion Sheila Payne. Ruth took a double on the first end but Sheila was then quickly into her stride, moving to 8-2 up before Ruth rallied. At 9-7 up Sheila scored two crucial threes to take an eight shot lead. Ends and shots were traded, but Ruth was unable to eat into Sheila's lead, Sheila winning 22-13. Draw details

Roy Warburton Cup

This match saw 2019 Champion Bill Greenway taking on 5-times champion Quentin Smith. Quentin started poorly, dropping two fours in the first eight ends and quickly found himself 6-18 down to Bill's consistent drawing game. However he then "woke up" and posted ten unanswered shots. In the next end he was holding the two shots that would have brought the scores level, but Bill found an excellent draw to stop the rot before closing out the match 21-16 with a double. Draw details


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